IPTV Reviews

I am currently running 3 IPTV subs all of which small providers with lower users and therefore better support


Loads Of Vod Lots Of Channels Works Well With PVR Simple Slient. Nice Addon For Kodi . Vod Can Be Arranged And Choose Categories In Simple Client. After a few months of use this is also still a very stable provider 🙂

SGS Facebook


Has An Addon And Can Integrate With PVR Simple Client. Good Vod Content Friendly People Consistent Links As In Every Time I Tried It They Been Stable
After a few months of use this is also still a very stable provider 🙂

BDL Facebook



TV and VOD provider limited guide data but a very nice list of channels . It is a work in process but definitely worth a look . Some very nice HD channels also Sport very nice


Gamma Google



Newest One Only Tried It Last Night. Has Addon And App It Links To PVR Client Good Links But Not Sure Of Definition

I no longer support Dark Forces as the management did the dirty on me

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  1. I’ve been running with https://ace-tv.co.uk
    400 channels, very fast support. Vod is getting better each day. Lately they have been trialling a plex-vod service, which I don’t really need so much, but I’m sure some people would find a use.

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