Hiya . The Names Dave


Live In The Midlands Not Far From Coventry. Started Messing With Kodi Summer Of 2015 Soon Got Into It Making My Own Personal Build. Decided I Wanted To Try My Arm At Theming TV Guide Add Ons Like IVUE And Renegades Got Into It And Soon Started Learning How The XMLs Worked

After A While I Started Messing With Kodi Itself And Enjoyed That. Started My Own Group Fanriffic Themes On Facebook (Link In Menu Please Join) Now Have Various TV Guide Themes And Over 40 Kodi Themes Something For Everyone


All Work Here Is Modified Work Using Other Coders Work As A Base And Therefore All Due Credit To Them.Even Ivue Who Hate Me
I Am Not Part Of Kodi Or Affiliated With Kodi In Anyway And Should Not Be Seen As Such
No Content Is Provided With Any Of My Work