Yesterday was my worst day in Kodi

A big name called me out a accused me of stealing his work and from that point I was lied about and defamed for a good while which I found really stressful

The theme I am accused of stealing is Ezzermans Up Down Theme on his build which he posted as new on August 13th 2017


The theme I am accused of stealing it with is my  Protean theme which was released on the Pied Piper build 20 th July 2017 over 2 weeks before
This was actually on my repo days before this as per meta of zip



I also have the Blue Dragon Theme out 9th April 2017 with 3 boxes , my Slasher theme 22nd April with smaller unfocused menu items and on August 9th still before I had a build out with different level menus


Larger versions available

The original zip of the theme is on my host with in place meta so if anyone wants to see the theme and see its all there a long time ago they can.

I am not saying Ezzerman stole any of my ideas although with the 3 boxes and different level menus it is quite possible he saw my work and copied the idea but all I want from this is to make it clear I did not travel forward in time see his work travel back in time again and release it then wait over a year to update it slightly and cause a shit storm of stress for myself I could have seriously done without

I have tried to discuss this with Ezzerman this morning but to no avail he refused to listen and be reasonable he even tried to say his theme that clearly says its new in the screen shot post was out ages before to a select few and it must have been leaked. I mean come on really?? When faced with undeniable evidence whats the best you can do ? lie swear call me names?

I doubt anyone really cares but if you do and want access to the zip and evidence get in touch

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